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    Panning and balancing

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      Half of the area, the spatial sound does not work correctly, the scene before stereo L / R, with the exception of the central and 4 surround (7.1)


      How to solve this problem ASIO? Should I buy additional software to move a dll file.?


      someone who knows how to run the ASIO driver with an optical output with Adobe Premiere 5.1 or Adobe Audition


      Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition are not ASIO ?

      Or cloud software contains no drivers ASIO 5.1 ?


      Why surround panning works with my Sony Vegas Pro and not with all Adobe ??


      Is there a fix ?


      Sound card and drivers that have been tested: 301.42 310.90 and

      I also attached screenshots to help visualize my Adobe settings and PC.


      .... if an expert can try to help me










      Rapport Informations sur le système NVIDIA


      Système d'exploitation :     Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)  Version de DirectX :     11.0

      Processeur graphique :          GeForce GT 330M     Version du pilote :     301.42

      Prise en charge DirectX :     10.1    Noyaux CUDA :          48

      Horloge principale :     575 MHz    Horloge de Shader :     1265 MHz    Horloge de mémoire :     790 MHz (1580 MHz débit)

      Interface de mémoire :     128 bits    Mémoire graphique disponible totale :     4095 Mo    Mémoire vidéo dédiée :     1024 Mo de DDR3

      Mémoire vidéo du système :     0 Mo    Mémoire du système partagée :     3071 Mo  

      Version BIOS vidéo :      IRQ :               16   Bus :               PCI Express x16 Gen2


      PhysX          09.12.1031          NVIDIA PhysX   NVCUDA.DLL          NVIDIA CUDA 4.2.1 driver    nvGameSR.dll          NVIDIA 3D Settings Server  nvGameS.dll          NVIDIA 3D Settings Server

      NVSTVIEW.EXE          NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer    NVSTTEST.EXE          NVIDIA 3D Vision Test Application   NVSTRES.DLL          NVIDIA 3D Vision Module  (0)  nvDispSR.dll          NVIDIA Display Server   NVMCTRAY.DLL          NVIDIA Media Center Library   nvDispS.dll          NVIDIA Display Server