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    Saving as a PSD file

    Dave_Tr. Level 1

      I understand how each time you save a JPG file, there is a loss of information (assuming you closed between Saves) even if you Save with Quality=12.  However can you do the following to avoid losing information between saves?


      - save as both a JPG and a PSD

      - if you want to make another change, open the PSD (instead of the JPG) and make the desired mods

      - save as both a JPG and a PSD again


      I believe the resulting JPG has basically been updated only once, as opposed to twice if you had made the second set of mods by opening the JPG from the first set of mods.  You could continue to do this as many times as you wanted, and the last JPG created would technically have only been updated once (always from the latest PSD), thereby avoiding loss of information from multiple saves.


      Is this correct?  Thanks.