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    Help making subform expand to next/new page


      Hi all.  I am very new to using LiveCycle to create a form.  Background-Last year I used Acrobat to create a fillable form to be used for a performance review for our company.  Worked great except text fields did not expand which did not allow for ease of printing.  I have now imported the form into LiveCycle and "think" I have got everything working (including calculations) excepting expanding to a new page.  The text fields are within tables.  As the table expands, it essentially dissappears and does not flow onto a new page.  I probably have it setup incorrectly, but was hoping for a little help.  I can answer how I have it setup, I am just not sure what information you would need.  Thanks for any help you can provide!!!

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          Steve Bishop Level 2

          Text Field should allow multiple lines. Height should have exapnd to fit. Row and table should have height expand to fit. Table should have Allow page breaks within Content as well as the subform it is in and up the heirarchy. This is assuming each row is small enough that they should not split. Otherwise, Allow page breaks within Content needs to be on the Row too.