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    Error Message

    Ralph Voe

      I have two computers that we have licensed for presenter 8.  On one of them I am getting an error message that it was unable to create the project folder and then it forces me to shut off presenter.  I was using an external web cam, but have unplugged it and started to use the internal cam on my laptop.  Got the same message both ways.  The audio bars are showing sound before I hit rec, just can't see the video.


      The second computer is a desktop with no internal camera.  I can't see what the camera is seeing before I hit record, all I see is black screen with a whirl in the middle of the screen.  The camera does record  whatever is on screen as when I go to edit I can see the video portion of the recording.

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          Vikram@Adobe Level 1

          Hi RMVoelker,

          Can you please specify the version of Presenter, systems, and camera you are using and the exact procedure for reproducing the issue?


          Please check  the following points before recording the new Adobe Video Creator project :-

          • Are your video card driver is up to date? Please check whether you have the latest driver from the manufacturer’s site. Point 2 below will help you in finding the manufacturer’s identity.  
          • Are all unnecessary applications closed?
          • Do you have sufficient free space on your hard disk? At least 5 GB is needed, but around 15 GB is recommended.
          • Are your webcam drivers up to date? It is recommended to install the webcam driver from the webcam cd or the webcam company’s site.
          • Are you capturing your video in a well-lit environment? Most webcams perform poorly in bad lighting.


          If the issue is still not resolved, please email us the system and GPU/Video Card specifications by following these steps  :-

          • - Click on start button > right click on Computer > click on properties > take screenshot of the system specifications window.
          • - Press (windows key + R) > type dxdiag and hit enter > take the screenshot of the Display tab of the window.

            Send us both the screenshots.

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            Ralph Voe Level 1

            Presenter 8- I tried to update and got a screen message that it was already the newest version.


            Web cam is a Logitech c920,  mic is a blue yeti.    I believe the drivers are up to date.  I also have an internal cam, but it is not HD and I get the same error message when I tried to use it.


            I tried running the software without anything else running and got the same error message, I included a clip of that message.


            231 GB free on hard drive.


            As soon as I hit record I get the error message, have tried in different lighting and still get the message.


            I do have another add on to powerpoint, keypoint interactive.  This is software that allows for the use of polling buttons in presentations in powerpoint.  Could that be in conflict?



            Thanks for your help,




            Here is the system info.





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              Ralph Voe Level 1

              Looks like I resolved the issue.  It was defaulting saving into a shared drive.  Once I switched it to save on my c drive, it started to work again.


              I do have an issue with my second computer that we have this on.  Before you hit record the screen only shows black with a white whirl in the middle.  You hit record, and it works fine.  The issue is that you can’ t see what the backdrop looks like before you record.


              Any thoughts on what that might be?





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                Vikram@Adobe Level 1

                It looks like, it's camera specific issue. Did you installed the camera driver from the CD that came with with the camera or from the company's site? Please install camera driver. If you have any other camera can you check whether the issue is reproducible.

                Please make sure your driver is upto date, majority of the Video Creator issues arises from video card driver, You can check your video card manufacturer from these steps [ Press (windows key + R) > type dxdiag and hit enter > take the screenshot of the Display tab of the window.]

                Clicking on update at the graphics window at device manager console will not work. Please download the latest driver from manufacturer site and install.

                If you  have Intel video card, then please use these links to update your driver. 


                Alternatively, you can use this link -> www.intel.com/support/oems.htm , and click on the software link corresponding to your computer manufacturer.

                After that select your system identification name and ID, then follow the instructions to download and install the latest video card driver for your system.

                Can you please upload the screenshots again, I guess the links are incorrect or you can send me an email at vikrakum@adobe.com





                Adobe Presenter Engg. Team

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                  Ralph Voe Level 1

                  I did the uninstall and the installed again for the web cam, worked.