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    Cable order important for replaced Hard Drive?

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      I just replaced my F:/ projects drive, but did not pay attention to the cable order, either power or signal(?), that is, which cables were connected to which drives. Upon startup, I had to go into BIOS to set a boot drive, but there was only one drive showing (besides the DVD drive and a "removable" drive). I selected it but the PC still is asking for a boot drive.


      I messed up, right?


      Is there a way to figure out the proper drive and cable associations?






      UPDATE: I got it to boot by changing the "right angle" SATA cable to the C:/ boot system drive. I have my E:/ media drive, but I'm not seeing the new F:/ projects drive yet.


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      UPDATE 2: Looks like I have to initialize it first in Computer Management (Win7). It's only 1TB, so I think I have to go with MBR style, if I'm not mistaken.


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