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    making a clip to play at random intervals

    mhartington Level 1

      So I have a web page I made which has some simple scaling effects of a bunch of A tags created in edge animate. The A tags lead to different parts of the site but its not quite obvious that you can click them. So i made a clip of a simple circle that enlarges and disapears over time, like a radar ping. My quesiton is, Is there any way that i can have this clip play directly underneath the A tag to bring more attention to them, but have them play at random and randomly decide which one to play under?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, mhartington-


          Totally.  You can make the blink a symbol with a really long lead time, and then you can do the following:

          • At the end of the symbol's timeline, create either a trigger or a Timeline.complete event
          • In this action, you can select the next location and timeline location using randomizing functions written in JavaScript
          • Using this information, you can jump to a certain place in the timeline using sym.play(location) and relocate the symbol instance using the jQuery handle (sym.getSymbolInstance().css("left", newlocation))


          Hope that points you in the right direction!