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    Flash Player will not install

    MikeT in VA

      I am helping a friend with her new Dell Latitude E6410 recently purchased  refurbished laptop.  It runs Windows 7, now updated to sp1 and all current updates.   Also using IE9. All of my attempts to install Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader have failed.  IE9 ActiveX filtering is disabled, trusted sites = medium, firewall is off, Microsoft Security Essentials is off, I am using the Admin account.  The download works OK to Desktop, but when I run the exe, the setup icon disappears from Desktop and nothing else happens.  No error message, no Flash Player and no Reader.  Tried several times.  Finally installed Foxit for Reader.  Downloaded Chrome and it seems to come with its version of Flash.


      Question:  How do I get Adobe Flash and Reader install for IE and the rest of the computer.




      Mike t in VA