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    Action Script 2 with Scroll Pane


      The project I'm working on is only has Action Script 2.  Took over a project ie updating a site.

      What I'm try to do is to have a scroll pane that will hold images and linkable links


      So I have a:

      Scroll pane an the instance name is spane

      I have a movie clip (with images set on the art board) and I name it myimage and the instance name is myimage

      Both are on one layer and are on frame 1 (note there are more elements on the page but on different layers)

      I have selected with instances (both) and for the action script I have

      spane.source = myimage;


      But it does not work All I have is a box


      Any help would be great.


      Does  the Scroll Pane will work with action script 2?