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    Youtube uploads


      So just got premiere elements 11.  Never uploaded to youtube straight from the program before.  When I click on the share button and select youtube as the source to upload to it says the durration is to long for youtube. I know its not not to long unless it is based off of the standard 15 minute upload time that you get when you first open the youtube account.  Any help on this one?




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          YouTube once had a 10 min. Duration limit on all uploads. They then added "extended subscriptions," but when PrE 11 was written, the old limit was still in place.


          Depending on one's subscription-level to YouTube, they can NOW post longer duration files. I feel that Adobe will expand the Durations with PrE 12, though YouTube might expand things, yet again. Also, Adobe needs to take into consideration the "levels" of a subscription, perhaps in the Preferences area, as some still face the 10 min. Duration, while others have the capability for longer files. Adobe is in a tough, and ever-changing spot.


          If you have a longer Duration Video, than the old 10 min. limitation, I would just do the Export/Share/Publish to a file, and manually upload that through your extended YouTube account.


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