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    newbie question for pe11. Why is it splitting my clips into tiny pieces and how can I stop it?


      I've upgraded from PE7 to PE11 and the new one is a lot more complicated but sadly the online help is not very helpful. I think I can puzzle most of it out but my biggest issue is that the timeline display is now full of dozens of tiny clips and I can't see to do what I want to do in the timeline.


      The attached screenshot shows a 3 minute piece of one video file and it shows up as dozens of tiny clips. I've cut the video at the timeline but the view is so complicated I can't even see what I am doing. is there a view setting that works like the old PE7 where each clip of video is one square on the timeline? I don't really understand...When I have a clip of video I am happy with, I just want it to be a single entity, why does it keep showing it in chunks?