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    How to install Digital Editions correctly?


      I've tried downloading Digital Editions several times, but still cannot download ebooks from the Library.  I never had a window open to ask for authorization for my computer.  Tried to follow several sets of instructions (See below) , but am not successful.  Don't know what to do next.  Help.


      Part II: Adobe Digital Editions

      1. Using your home computer, go to the library’s website: www.sdcl.org.  Click on

      the “downloads” link on the left side of the page, select “ebooks,” and then select


      2. On the left, there is a purple bar.  Scroll down past the browsing options until you

      see links for “OverDrive Media Console” and “Adobe Digital Editions”.  Click on

      “Adobe Digital Editions”.  Click again on “Download Adobe Digital Editions” (there

      is a brown icon with an open book).

      3. A new window will open up and take you to Adobe’s site.  Follow the directions

      from Adobe to download and install Adobe Digital Editions.

      4. Adobe Digital Editions will open after it has been installed on your computer.  The

      first time it opens, it will prompt you to authorize your computer with Adobe.  You

      will need an Adobe ID to do this.  If you already have an Adobe ID, you can enter

      it now.  If you do not, click on the link provided to create an Adobe ID.  Your

      computer will open a web page to Adobe’s site and you can follow the

      instructions to create an ID. 

      5. Once you have authorized your computer, you will be able to check out and

      download titles.