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    Is Flash Really Obsolete?


      Hi all,


      A Noob question, I know. Apologies in advance, as this could be the wrong place to post this...


      Wasn't sure who to ask, so I hope you can help.


      I am looking at having what has been advised as a Flash-based desktop application made for my own personal use, though could possibly be commercialized for a very small purchase amount, as others in my industry have advised it would be useful to them.


      Someone else I know runs a very similar program (on a Mac) and needed AdobeAir to make it run.


      With the web, and HTML5 etc I am told "flash" is "obsolete" - what implications does this have for users of Desktop programs that solely use Flash, like what I want to do?


      So we won't use Flash on web anymore, but will we/can we continue to use it in a desktop environment? If someone could please explain a litte. Sorry....


      Many thanks