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    How to edit and reload JavaScript code without restarting Acrobat?

    Roberto Muggli

      As a programmer, I wonder if there is a better way to do things that I still cannot figure out.



      At the moment I write code in Notepad++, save it in Acrobat's Javascripts folder, open Acrobat, test the code and find out it doesn't work (no surprise there ).

      I then have to close Acrobat, edit the code in Notepad++, save, open Acrobat and find out again that it doesn't work.


      Rinse and repeat for an inordinate amount of times, especially at the beginning of a new "scripting project".


      The JavaScript Debugger is great but, unless there's something I don't know, doesn't let me edit the code directly in its window.



      As you have worked out already I'm referring to folder-level scripts, so the "Document JavaScripts", "Set Document Actions" and possibly even the "Edit all JavaScripts" buttons are in fact useless.



      Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader... ain't no Visual Studio and I don't want them to be but please tell me there's a way to write code a little bit more on-the-fly