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    Creating an index with a script and using a style

    Eleivana07 Level 1

      Hello all

      Using ID CS 4 on Win Vista


      I would like to create an index for my book on plant oils. Each plant may have numerous synonyms and vernacular names.The words I would like to index will be noted in the screenshot below and follow the red lettered headings of:

      • Plant Species
      • Plant species synonyms
      • Other common names


      The words are separated by commas and the only things I DON'T want under these headings are the abbreviations noted between parenthesis

      These are language codes (SP) for Spanish (FR) French etc. I could probably go back and using find/replace and strip this particular style from these entries to exclude from the process if neccessary.


      I have assigned a style called 'Indexing Style' to those words that I want included.


      Is there a script or could one be devised which will MARK these words as index entries?


      I know Jongware could probably spit one out in his sleep. Or either of the Peters


      I know exactly zilch about scripting.

      Oil book screenshot.jpg


      Thanks again you wonderful guys