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    Adobe Elements 10 Worst Software Ever!


      Can Anyone Tell Me what I need to do to get Elements 10 to be responsive in a timely manner???  I am running on a new MacBook Pro with OS X Mountain Lion with all other programs shut down except a Google Chrome Browser.  I have excellent Up and Download speeds through my ISP and cannot figure out WHY the performance of this program is so bad!


      Response time of this program to process even the most simple tasks is horrifying.  I do not have this experience with any other cloud based software or programs - like Google docs for instance.


      Truly a waste of TIME and money ...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, you have posted to the No Response Needed sub-forum. Now, if you only wish to share your observations, and are not asking for assistance, then you ARE in the correct location for that.


          I will be glad to Move this post out to the main forum, where others can address the issues that you are facing.


          However, I would urge you to post the full specs. of your computer, the specs. of the Video files that you are using, and the Project's Preset that you have chosen. This article will give you some tips on what info is very important: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5466956#5466956


          Also, PrE (no version), is Cloud-based, so performance of Cloud operations will have no bearing on how well, or how poorly, PrE works on your computer.


          Good luck, and let us know if you do wish to troubleshoot the issues.