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    Issues with snippets containing multimedia content

    Sreekanth_S Most Valuable Participant

      I am using RH 10 of Tech Comm Suite 4.0 on a windows 7 64 system. I am generating WebHelp output and viewing it on FireFox 10 and IE 8 browsers.


      I have a snippet that contains a paragraph followed by an SWF interactivity. Now, I don't have any issues in creating this snippet and reusing within the same project. However, I export this snippet, only the HTS file gets imported and not the SWF file. (I am highlighting this because, when we export a snippet that has an image, both HTS file and the image are exported.)


      Due to this, when I import this snippet into a new project and publish it, only the paragraph content shows up and not the interactivity.


      Is it not possible to import snippets with multimedia content or am I doing something wrong?


      Note: I am facing a similar issue with drop-down text snippets that contain multimedia content.