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    Create custom Articulate Storyline mobile player-like app

    tc_jbarker Level 1


      I was checking out the Storyline elearning dev tool and their free mobile player app. For branding purposes I would like to create my own similar app in html5 and javascript wrapped in something like phonegap for submission to the App Store. I'm enrolled as an apple dev but somewhat of a newbie to javascript. The way I see it there are 3 or 4 things the app does:

      1. When your elearning, stored on a web server, is accessed by URL from the iPads browser it automatically launches the ipad app and lists the module ready for playback. Accessing additional modules launches the app and list them along with previously launched modules.

      2. There is a toggle button to allow the user to download the elearning module for offline viewing if not connected to the Internet.

      3. There is a way to add a module to your favorites (would be nice to be able to remove from favorites or ipad altogether also).


      Those are the three main things I'm needing help with. Being such a "noob" to javascript I'm not sure where to look for the right tutorials/help. Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance for any help.