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    CS5 Mac: Weird problem with italic text not importing

    Iain Robinson Level 1

      Hi all


      Noticed a weird problem on our two Macs that we use for Indesign (7.0.4). If I take the same Word document and import it into the same ID template file, using the same import preset, with the same fonts loaded on two different Macs - one retains the italic text and the other doesn't. I have trashed the preferences on the one that doesn't retain the italics - no difference. As a bit of background - the Word files for this job are styled by the customer using a template we created. The style names match our ID style names so when we import the files it is largely styled already.


      Here's the settings I use to import the Word file on both Macs;



      It just doesn't make any sense! Can anyone suggest what I'm missing here - I'm out of ideas.