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    Logout from an Webservice with NTLM


      Hi all,


      I have build an App for iOS which will connected to an Webservice which is protected by NTLM.

      To connect i use an URL of this form:




      Now the App should have an logout option.


      My tests shows, that AIR will not colose the connection, so the user can "login" with the same login without an password, because the air-runtime not close the connection on

      webservice.logout() or webservice.disconnet


      Also recreating an new webservice has no sucsess.


      It looks like Air hab a pool with open connection and look if an connection to user@host will exists.


      I have tried to set an HTTP Header"Connection: Close" on the last webservice call, but this Header will always replaced by "Connection: Keep-alive";


      So has anybody find a solution to really close an Connection?