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    Crop help !

    fetusticianpj Level 1

      I would very much appreciate help on the following. I edit medical clips that contain patient information and technical details on the edge of the frame. I used Premiere 4 through 6 to crop that information out and keep only the images, and loose all the peripheral information. I now use Pr CS6 (Win 7 pro). In the older version there was a transformation called "PAN" that allowed to crop and delete what is outside the cropped aread. For instance the original clip is 800 by 600 pixel, but I trimmed 139 pixels from the left, 47 from the top, 240 from the right and 123 from the bottom. THose are typical numbers but they vary from clip to clip as the region of interest varies from clip to clip. I want to export a clip that is (800-[139+240]) pixel wide and (600-[47 + 123]) high.


      I can seem to find out how to do this in CS6.


      I do not knwo ahead of time what the final output size will be, i discover this as I edit each clip.


      Thanks for suggestions (in simple terms :S)