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    InDesign template constrain editing



      I have a biiig Problem!


      I have a publishing software in which I can edit Indesign templates.
      I would like to contrain the editing of the text or the pictures


      The newsletter of the company XY is always the same structure, only the content is different and the picture changes.
      The position and the font formatting is not allowed to be changed.

      in the example file in the publishing software I have in the following text in th "Scribt label panel":
      jndianer_text;move=false;delete=false;resize=false;edit=true;fitheight=false;keeponpage=fa lse;righttoleft=false;topparent=

      and the image:
      jndianer_picture;move=false;delete=false;resize=false;mask=true;keeponpage=false;mindpi=nu ll;fit=content_proportional;topparent=

      When I want to edit the template in the publishing software I have only 2 fonts specified to select and the image is a database stored.

      If I copy this Scribt label   in my owntemplate, it does not work .... I can change anything, or move everything and make bigger and smaller.....

      How does that work in InDesign? Write my own scripts? Or is there a function that I've overlooked?


      Sorry for my bad english
      I hope you can help me.