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    I've lost all my ratings and people tags moving videos from old PC to new one


      I bought a new PC and installed Premier Elements 10 on it (same as I used on the old PC) and moved all my video files from my old PC to my new one.  Now all the videos show as having no star ratings or People tags I created in PE10 on the old PC.  How do I get them back?


      More details: My old PC was win7, the new one is Win8.  I have tried 2 methods of copying: by click and dragging in File Explorer from the old PC over the network to the new one, and then using the backup/restore built into Elements.  In both cases, when adding the resulting files to a catalog and looking at it nothing had star ratings or tags.  If I open properties for a file in Elements on the old PC I see the tags and ratings, while on the new one it's blank.


      I still have the old PC so if someone can tell me another way to copy the files and/or tags over I'll do it.  I've lost a lot of work in all the tagging I did on the old files.


      Note: Given the setup of the new PC I can't maintain the same file structure as on the old PC (files on old C drive are now on E drive). 


      If you're going to point me to files/databases to copy I need to know where they are in win7 or how to find them.  The locations given at http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/common-catalog-issues-upgrade-elements.html do not work for me, nor to searching for the catalog name or .psa files.