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    Flash Builder crashing when switching workspaces




      I am new to Flash Builder and keep getting the same problem - whenever I try to switch workspaces, Flash Builder closes down but will not reopen.  A message appears saying "FlashBuilder.exe has stopped working"


      I have followed the instructions exactly from the Flex in a Week training videos, and have tried different folders and different hard drives.  I did a fresh install after using the Adobe Cleaner tool and even a fresh install of Windows, but the problem persists.


      Very excited about this program; hope you can help.


      I am running Flash Builder 4.7 64bit on a Windows 7 PC with 8GB RAM.



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          markWeallans Level 1

          If anyone else is having this problem, I've discovered a workaround:


          If you go into Window > Preferences and then navigate to General > Startup and Shutdown > Workspaces and tick the box marked "Prompt for workspace on startup" then when Flash Builder starts up, you can manually type the file path to your desired workspace.


          Unfortunately, I have to shut Flash Builder down and reopen it whenever I want to change workspaces, but no crashes so far!