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    Site won't appear in android phone


      I have Inspect setup on my pc, chrome and my Galaxy Ace.

      I ran weinre on http://localHost:8080, I open a website I'm working on my pc and it won't appear on my phone. But if I type (which is the address I access to configure my cisco router) in chrome it does appear on both pc and phone.


      How do can I get my site to appear on both devices?

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          This question is a bit confusing. So let me check a few things:

          1. You have weinre set up on localhost:8080 or your web server? Is weinre actually part of your question here?
          2. What web server are you running?
          3. What URL *exactly* do you type into your browser to see your local website running?
          4. What's your computer's IP address(es) as shown in the Edge Inspect dialog in Chrome?
          5. You only mention one device, your Galaxy Ace. What's the 2nd device you refer to in the last part of your post? Your computer?