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    Different browser different AGAL output


      Hi There,


      I have this AGAL code:


      "mov vt0.w, vc0.x\n" +

        "mov vt0.xyz, va0.xyz\n" +

        "m44 vt1, vt0, vc5\n" +

        "m44 vt2, vt1, vc1\n" +

        "add op, vt2, vc9\n" +

        "mov v0, va1";




      vc0 is the 1.0 component in vec4(va0, 1.0)

      vc9 is vect(0.0,0.0,0.5,0.0) <- because I'm rotating a triangle and it's being clipped so I move it

      va0 is a x,y,z vector with the position of the point

      va1 is a r,g,b,a vector

      vc5 is a transformation (rotation X)

      vc1 is a transformation (scale + rotation Y)


      I know it's better not to multiply on the shader for perfomance reasons.

      Problem is in Firefox I cant see both rotations, but in Chrome I can only see vc1??


      Any suggestion?