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    ColdFusion +  SugarCRM + SOAP

      OS >> Windows
      Sugar >> Version 4.5.1b
      Webserver >> Windows IIS
      PHP >> 4.3.11
      MySQL >> 5.0.37

      I am having difficulty accessing nested Methods that are returned to me from the SugarCRM (www.sugarcrm.com) SOAP.

      Here is what I am looking at...

      I have developed a ColdFusion webservice SOAP call to the SugarCRM Bug Tracker module. This form works well and adequately submits to our SugarCRM installation.

      The code to Get my open Tickets from the Bug Tracker module is attached.

      This is the response I get back from Sugar:

      When I change the output variable from:

      <cfoutput><cfdump var=" #openbugs#"></cfoutput>

      to (referencing a specific method)

      <cfoutput><cfdump var=" #openbugs.getEntry_list()#"></cfoutput>

      Calling the method of the return variable (above) gives me the following return:

      The issue I am having is accessing the nested Methods inside of the array I am getting back from the second SugarCRM return. I have had trouble finding any documentation that will help me with this.

      Sorry if this is confusing, but any help is very much appreciated. If you have any questions or would like me to clarify further I well do my best.