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    McAfee installed even though I UNchecked the box to authorize installation.

    dpauldalton Level 1

      I received a notice of an update to Flash.  I clicked on the link and was taken to the Adobe site, where I clicked on the Download link and specifically UNchecked to box for installing McAfee.  The installation file downloaded and, when it ran, it nevertheless installed the McAfee product, which I did not want. 


      It's bad enough to have to OPT-OUT of having an undesired product installed, but when  the OPT-OUT instruction is ignored and  the undesired program gets installed anyway, it's REALLY unfair. 


      Please fix this.

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          The same thing just happened to me!!!!! When I started my computer this morning, there was a popup saying I needed to update Adobe Flash. It took me to a website that started with something like "https://get3.adobe.com/flashplayer....". I downloaded the update and started running it. It immediately started the install, and I realized it was also installing MCAFEE, without even asking me!! I stopped the installation immediately!!!


          This is unacceptable! I expect more ethical behavior from a company like Adobe. I despise McAfee -- and for Adobe to try and surreptitiously install it on my computer is quite offensive to me!!!!

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            I almost installed this malware while doing what I thought was a routine update. I stopped the download and went back to uncheck it and downloaded again. So far it doesn't look like it installed.


            As far as I'm concerned, any software that relies on user intervention to prevent installation as part of an affiliate program IS malware.

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              If you unchecked the "opt-out" checkbox and we still installed the third party offer, then this is a bug and something we'd like to reproduce and fix.  I'll let the team know you've experienced this but unfortunately this hasn't occurred in our testing.  If you can get this to happen again, please post back as we'd like to see this occur.


              Please see this FAQ for details on how this is supposed to work.


              Flash Player installation and update questions and answers

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                Why is Adobe coupling its upgrades with McAfee?  I'm usually very careful when installing any upgrades, but was interrupted and missed the McAfee opt-out opportunity.  Now I have ot uninstall and hope it didn't mess anything up (which McAfee almost always does.  Adobe should not slip malware into its product upgrades. 

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  scubaray@aol.com wrote:


                  Adobe should not slip malware into its product upgrades. 

                  It wasn't Adobe; it was you!

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                    Mal Reynolds Level 1

                    If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute, "MVP", then it might be better if you contribute nothing at all because that's the value of your contribution in at least three of these threads that I've seen so far. Find me the person who wants this garbage-ware installed, bring him to me. You won't. Aside from your fanboi-ism, nobody, NOBODY in any thread concerning Adobe's underhanded little trick wants the McAfee garbage on their computer. Everyone else has been critical of the way that Adobe has gone about this. Having it on by default means that some people will miss it. I know it, you know it if you get your head out of your fandom for 30 seconds, Adobe knows it, McAfee knows it which is why they pay a few pieces of silver for it to be done that way. Not you of course, as you've pointed out in other threads you are far too savvy and have never in your life clicked past a dialog inadvertently, but you know, mere mortal users without your l33t interwebz skills. The fault here lies entirely with Adobe and McAfee. So yes, it WAS Adobe's fault for deliberately including the malware in a way that it knew from the outset that some people would miss. How is it that everyone else is wrong and only you see the Pure Shining Truth? Enjoy it when Adobe finally hacks off enough customers with this and other recent policies and someone else comes along with comparable or better products. You can sit in here shining your pretty little MVP badge, assuring yourself that when the company finally goes to the wall or becomes a niche player that none of it was Adobe's own fault. I'm sure that the fanbois who could see that Lotus or Word Perfect could do no wrong told themselves the same thing.


                    Oh wait, you haven't hit the "this is a user forum, there's no point complaining here" chorus that you've churned out in some other threads yet, though I'm sure you will. Try, just TRY to fathom this concept. If Adobe is not monitoring these forums, then they would be idiots. And they aren't idiots, because we see staff members, not just fanbois with airs and graces, posting here. And the more posts that are made in the forums about it, the more Adobe might, just possibly, "get" the level of anger that exists about this subject in the wider user base. Which, incidentally, consists of more people than just you.

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                      Actually it was Adobe. And it is Malware and I can't think of any other legitimate software on my PC that requires such regular updating and also places an undesired product download by default. Complaining to Adobe proves pointless, my only hope is that they do read user to user forums and take note. So I will now carry out yet another uninstall of McAfee before it starts a knief fight with my genuine AV and punish myself for having the cheek to make a mistake and forget to uncheck the pesky download box.

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                        Adobe's behavior here is completely unethical. I know downloads like this often try to sneak in an installation of some companion product you don't want, and I usually keep an eagle eye on all the installation options so I can refuse products I don't want installed.  Firefox harassed me about updating Flash, so I finally gave in and followed the links to update it.  That took me to Adobe's website where it had me download an installation file.  I saved the file in a subdirectory of the directory where I archive all the installation files I've ever downloaded.  I then double-clicked on that file and looked for any checkboxes or other widgets that defaulted to "Install crap Adobe wants to slip by you that you don't want."  I didn't notice anything of the sort or I would have delesected them.  I told it to install the Flash update, and the next thing I knew, the installation code was telling me it was installing McAfee as well as Flash!  I most emphatically DO NOT WANT additional security software on my machine because it will interfere with the security software I already have installed, and the two pieces of software fighting with each other will most likely overload the capabilities of my hardware and slow my machine to a crawl.  After the installation, I immediately uninstalled McAfee, but I have no idea what damage it may already have done.


                        Even worse than that, I went back to the directory where I'd saved the install file, and it's gone!  Not only is Adobe trying sneaking in an installation of crap you don't want, but they're also covering their tracks.


                        This shockingly unprofessional behavior on Adobe's part borders on being outright malicious!  Who do they think they are?  Sony, with their infamous rootkit?


                        Class action lawsuit, anyone?