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    caution:  when copy/paste symbols -- learn from my mistake

    salesdigital Level 1

      hi gang,


      i'm working on a project that has a nav bar with 2 drop-down menus.  i copied and pasted this nested symbol into multiple edge compositions / pages that i had already created.


      not paying attention to the symbols already in the various compositions  - edge ended up creating multiple copies of the source graphics contained in my nested symbol - a button that originally had 2 source images now had 8 in the images folder


      be careful when pasting symbols to check for duplicate symbol names in the paste destination.  edge does not ask you to overwrite the existing symbol the same way flash did.


      end result - i had to delete my nav from 8 pages and remove 400k of duplicate .png files from my image folder.... then start over



      avoid the hassle - check before you paste.




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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey Keith,


          If I'm understanding correctly you had multiple projects contained in multiple directory folders? If this is the case then yes Animate will copy over the new images.


          One approach you can take is to keep your compositions in the same directory at editing time so when you paste symbols they'll link to the same images folder. Alternatively if your always using the same image directory ("images", for example) and want to keep compositions in seperate folders you can merge them later since the images will be pointing to the same source.



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            salesdigital Level 1

            hi sarah,


            this was actually mutiple edge projects in 1 main directory - like pages of a website - all pulling their images from 1 shared images folder.  i had to re-build a nav bar - while i remembered to delete the main symbol, i forgot to delete the nested symbols too. 


            i pasted the nav into the other pages - everything worked fine..  only when i looked in the images folder there were mutiple copies of the source graphics.


            to test i removed all of the .png files with incremented names from the images folder and it broke the pages.


            after i cleaned the symbols out - the copy/paste worked fine.