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    Object Layer Options, change for all AI links?

    steffenunger Level 1



      I am working in ID CS5 and have a document with several dozen linked AI files. They are all built the same way in AI, with 5 layers. I need to print the document for different people, who need different layers visible. Right now I had set up the document with all 5 AI layers visible but I would like to be able to turn off, say, Layer 1 and Layer 2, - depending on the target audience - for all linked AI files, then turn them back on, and so forth.


      Is that scriptable?


      Thanks so much!





      ps, Right now I am able to get a menu item containing the "Object Layer Options" when direct-selecting a link, and even made a keyboard shortcut for it, but this shortcut does not work when selecting multiple graphics frames, nor can I find the menu command anywhere in Find/Change.