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    Reproducible InDesign Book Page Number Bug


      Hi All,


      Just gotten bitten by a bug that I can reproduce in InDesign 8.01/Cloud. Hopefully this will help some folks and reduce aspirin consumption – and ultimately lead to a fix.


      Any document that is originally created as either a 'Web' or 'Digital Publishing' presets will not correctly paginate when included in an InDesign book. Trashing preferences and caches has no effect on this one. However, documents that originally start as 'Print' successfully paginate when imported into a Book. But, switching Web or Digital Pub presets to Print after creation will not allow pagination to take place.


      Managing the Problem

      I'm having to reconstruct a book now using the following method to quickly reproduce the work-to-date:


      1) Create new 'Print' document and customize size to match orignal size spec'd in 'Web' preset.

      2) Import Master Pages into document.

      3) Create primary and secondary document pages via the Master Pages.

      4) Select all the text in the original document and paste into the linked text boxes in the new document so the secondary pages automatically reproduce to accommodate the content.


      Things that didn't fix this problem

      • Trashing prefs and cache

      • Dragging content from original document thumbnails to new doc.

      • Copying total page content from original document into new doc.

      • Switching document 'target' from Web or Digital Publishing to Print formats after working on the file.

      • Switching InDesign page numbering preferences from Section to Absolute and back again.


      60 chapters later, I've got a new working document again that I can now 'devolve' back into Digital Print formats. I love software. ;-)