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    SWF interactions not working on some computers




      I`m having some sort of trouble with an exported swf with buttons and page flip animation. I have exported it and then embedded it in a web page. In my macbook and the PCs from around the office it seems to work fine, but there are some PCs (like the one in my house) in which the buttons do not work. It seems that in these PCs the function "single-click on the border to turn the page" (sorry, I don`t know the actual name of it) do not work as well.


      At first I linked pages with the action "go to page". Then, as I saw that I was having this trouble, I changed all the links with links to bookmarks, but the problem continued.


      The drivers and flash player are fully updated. I`m using Indesign CS5.5 to generate this file.


      Can somebody please help me find a solution for it?