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    CS6 3D Camera & multiprocessing problems.

    Erich R Moeller

      When analzying footage for the CS6 3D Camera with multiprocessing enabled, I'm getting an error about 9-14 frames in from AE saying, "Unable to acquire rendered frame."


      It doesn't seem to matter what kind of footage it is.  I've tried mpegs, m2ts files and avi's.  But unless I turn off Multiple Processors, it fails every time.  If I turn it off, the analysis works fine.


      I'm running an HP Z800 workstation with two Xeon X5680 processors and 32 GB of RAM.  Also running NVIDIA Quadro FX4800 with the latest drivers directly from Nvidia.  I have a .5TB RAID 0 array for the OS (Windows 7, 64 bit) and programs.  I have two 1.5TB media drives for projects and associated files in the box too.


      The multiprocessing works well for other things, but why should I need to turn it off for 3d camera analysis?  Do I not have a setting correct?  I don't see anything in Adobe's liturature about needing to turn it off for this sort of thing.  It's not stopping my project dead in the water, but it's annoying to have to turn it off for this one thing.  Any solutions?  Thanks!


      Erich Moeller

      Video Producer

      City of Dubuque, Iowa