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    Using Edge Along With "As Browser Fill" In Muse


      I have been trying for the past couple of days to figure if it is possible to use Edge animation as a full background on the landing page of a website with seamless edges.


      Here is the link http://lingersguideservice.businesscatalyst.com/index.html In order to help anyone understand what I am trying to do, I will leave the BC link up for viewing. Thanks to anyone who can help.


      1. Is it possible to make Edge animations for a background image used in Muse without the obvious size dimensions in the above link? I experimented using percentage instead of pixels for the stage size but that did not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need this to work for a client. I would like the text and .gif images leave the page without the obvious size dimensions hindering the effect.


      2. I have pretty well given up on the above animation. I would be happy if the animation would play and then open the home/index page at the end with "new" or "blank". At the moment, the action will only work with "self" in open URL action.


      Update to this issue: Well, I did get this animation to work with an enter website action but never did get it to work at end of action as automatic enter with blank page. I decided to change the last text to a "enter" and click to go to the home page. If anyone has some input on this question, please let me know. Thanks.