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    Newbie question:  Why am I not hearing audio?


      I'll admit it, I'm a total noob when it comes to After Effects.  This is the very first project I've ever attempted in AE.  But I've watched a bunch of (Lynda.com and VideoCoPilot.net) tutorials and I think I know most of the rudimentary stuff I'll need to know in order to do what I'm hoping to achieve (fairly simple stuff) in this first project.


      But naturally, as soon as I get started, I run into a major roadblock.  The first asset I've imported into the project is an audio file (.wav).  I drag it on to the canvas and it shows up in the timeline, as expected.  Yet when I play the timeline, I hear nothing.  My audio is turned on (not muted) on the computer.  In fact, when I go to import the file, I'm able to play it in the import window (I'm on a Mac, so I get the little preview in the Finder window that comes up as part of the Import dialog box, and I can play it from there.).  But once it's imported into the project, nothing.


      I checked to make sure the track wasn't muted (it's not) and that some other track isn't solo'd (there are no other tracks yet).  I even expand the track to reveal the waveforms (left and right), and sure enough, they're there.  I should be hearing sound when I hit the spacebar and the play head starts moving down the track.  But no, I hear nothing.


      So why can I not hear this file?  There's nothing showing up in the VU meters in the upper right side of the interface either.


      The animation I'm going to build will be built to go along with this audio track, so I really need to hear it in order to build the animation.


      This is probably the simplest thing, but I'm stuck before I even get a step into this project.

      HELP!!!!  :-)



      Oh yeah, I'm running AE CS 5.5 on a Mac with OS X 10.8.2.


      Thanks in advance.