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    please help?


      i have uninstalled and installed flash player 11 on my macbook air like 4 times and still cant get it to work, cant watch any videos online or listen to pandora. i need help with this issue. i am using the latest version of safari also.  it says plug in blocked where video should be.

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

          Do you see Flash Player related files in in the Library > Internet Plug-in folder?

          If No, your installation is not successful. You need to install Flash Player again.

          If yes, go to Safari > Preferences.

          In the Security tab, select Enable Plugins and Enable JavaScript.




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            killthehost1 Level 1

            i checked in libary> internet plug-in folder and nothing is there, java and plugins are also enabled. idk what i could be doing wrong, i uninstalled and installed a fresh dl of flash player from adobe website. thank you sooo much for your help im completely puzzled by this!

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              killthehost1 Level 1

              when i go on youtube to watch a video it says blocked plugin so when i click on it it says this " The version of “Adobe Flash Player” on your system does not include the latest security updates and has been blocked. To continue using “Adobe Flash Player”, download an updated version from Adobe’s website." i didnt download from youtubes link to adobe, i went to adobe's actual website. i have tried everything i know how to do with this issue, i just recently switched over to mac from windows, am i doing something wrong? it says installation complete once i install but no items are in the internet plugin folder.

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                There should definitely be files in your /Library/Internet Plug-ins/ folder.  Please make sure you are checking at the root of your hard drive and not in your user folder.


                When in Finder, press the Command + Shift + G key combination.  This should bring up the "Go to the folder" dialog.  Enter "/Library/Internet Plug-ins/".  Do you see Flash Player.plugin listed (or any other file with the word "flash" in it?)

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                  killthehost1 Level 1

                  thank you for your help, i just got it straightened out i had to uninstall a previous version and install the latest release. i was looking in user folder not root folder. i switched from windows to mac about a month ago and im just getting used to it.

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                    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                    Great to hear you got it sorted out!