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    Director 12 and Creative Cloud?

    paulburd Level 1

      I just downloaded the newly re-released trial version of Director 12. Upon first launch it asked me if I wanted to Buy a New License, Use My Existing Subscription, or run it in Trial Mode. I have a full Creative Cloud membership (all apps), so I tried to login. It would NOT let me.


      I haven't heard anything about D12 being part of Creative Cloud, but since one of the options was to Login with my "Current Subscription", this would imply that it may be. I'm not sure if it didn't work because it's actually reffering to some other subscription, or if it's just another bug that has plagued this release.


      Does anyone have any information about this?

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          Director is definitely not part of Creative Cloud.  There is (or will be) a new subscription to just Director which will allow you to get any new updates for free as long as you pay the subscription price.  I have not seen if they actually implemented this yet, but I have heard it being talked about.

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            paulburd Level 1

            Thanks for the info, Mike.


            That is too bad. If Adobe is going to release another half-assed update to this dead product, they should at least include it in full Creative Cloud memberships. I just can't see spending another $300 to upgrade again for something that appears to be going nowhere.


            The only reason I even looked at this is for a client who refuses to let go of their ancient CD-handout.

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              Wolfgang Herold Level 2

              updates are mostly free.

              The next full version will be about 300 again for upgrade.


              Let's assume the next real version will be in two or three years ( like ever )

              what is cheaper, paying 300 every three years, or pay 12 x 24$ per year and if you dont want to pay anymore, the tool is no longer usable .


              make your own desicion