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    Why wont Flash Player play on some sites?


      Hey, so I've recently formatted my computer and installed the latest version of flash on my computer after I installed Firefox. However I noticed a strange problem where flash videos on some websites don't play. Sites like Youtube seem to work fine, but sites like BlipTV and others don't play videos. Instead the loading circle for a video continues to spin for a very long time. Sometimes the video ends up playing if it's left loading for long enough, it seems like the video loads entirely first and then starts playing when all of it is finished loading.


      I have tried multiple things to try and fix this including:

      • Performing a clean install of the latest Adobe Flash player by uninstalling Flash, including deleting files in the folders listed by the uninstall guide, and reinstalling the latest Flash version.
      • Uninstalling Flash and installing an older version of flash (Flash 10).
      • Deleting cache, cookies, temp. internet files of browsers and deleting cached files of Flash Player as well.
      • Allowing troubled websites unlimited data storage for Flash.
      • Changing Internet Options security and disabling ActiveX in IE.
      • Disabling Firewalls, Anti-Virus, and pop-up blockers.
      • Using multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) all result in the same problem.
      • All video drivers (as far as I know) are up to date.


      Currently Using:

      • Windows 7(64 bit)
      • Flash Player version: 11.6.602.168
      • Firefox 32-bit (tried using Chrome and IE 32bit.)
      • No video card, running Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD with latest drivers. (It's a laptop.)
      • My internet connection is through Comcast and is roughly 10 Mbps Down and 5 Mbps Up so it shouldn't take as long as it does for videos to load and play.


      If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! This is be driving me crazy for over a week now.




      Edit: Also uninstalled and reinstalled all browsers, and disabling hardware acceleration. And I do not have real player installed so there's no interference with that.