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    relationship between the html file and the edge project

    jdhughen Level 1

      What is the deal with the HTML file with the edge project?  Why when I edit it does it sometimes screw my project up ? I thought it was just a container for the project.  I mean I not messing with any of the script stuff or the "stage" div, so why do change flow back to my project?


      if I turn off the scrollbars in the browser by adding "overflow:hidden" to the body tag, it turns off the scrollbars in edge in the TL window? what up with that ?

      if I wrap the stage in a div to assist with positioning of the stage in the browser, I go back to my edge project and I can't access the stage timeline and while i can see it listed in the assets, all I see in the TL now is my wrapper div. I see my wrapper div and my stage is not there. 

      Why is there is flow backwards from the html file to the project ? I've have several projects screwed up to the point where I can't go back because I did some very normal things in my html file. very frustrating


      I can't find anything in the docs that explain this relationship and when during the process it's ok to edit your html file to fit your needs ??




      Joel H

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey Joel,


          Animate reads directly from the .html file, not the .an file. The .an is really just for preferences; you can even delete this file and open the HTML file in Animate and any external changes you make will be preserved.


          What you can do if you don't want your changes to be reflected is create a new HTML file in your composition directory, copy over your Animate tags and make any markup changes there while continuing to edit the Animate HTML file in isolation. So you'd have two HTML files, one for editing and one reflecting any custom markup.




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            jdhughen Level 1

            Thanks Sarah,

            I can see that it's reading it, I just don't understand why it pays any attention to non "edge" stuff when opening your project. i.e. other than the "Edge Runtime" header script tag entries and the "Stage" div in the body, the rest of everything else has nothing to do with your project, so why isn't it just ignored by edge when opening the project?


            So to find a work around...

            my work flow.... I have a multi mon setup and usually work with Dreamweaver running at the same time. I usually edge "publish" directly to a Dreamweaver local "website" folder (I do this for several reasons but one is so it's very easy to update my online/offline "sandbox" servers from DW). I do this a lot when the animations are "single" html pages linked to from another page. So if I understand you right if I want to modify my html file I would have to publish to another location, when manually copy everything except the html from that location to my Dreamweaver location for previewing etc if I want to see the real final output (i.e. including the changes I made to the html for mark-up etc) ?


            From what I can tell, when creating an edge project it creates the html file and as long as you don't change the actual file name, "Title", or "Class" id then nothing else ever changes in that file. So.....

            Is there a way to "publish" to a folder and include everything EXCEPT the html file ?




            I guess I could use a dummy name for the EDGE project html as long as my real html file used references to the "dummy" in the "runtime" and "Stage" Div sections? then I could continue to publish directly to DW ??  It's would be another set of names etc to keep track of.


            It would be a whole lot easier if edge just ignored stuff in the html file that did pertain to it.


            Thanks for your help


            Joel H