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    How do I Set Defaults for InDesign CS6 version 8.0.1 to inches instead of points

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      I have multiple users on a network and when a user logs in they get a fresh OS X Home Directory that is copied from the Local User Template to the local /Users folder.  I need to be able to set certain settings so the students get those settings on login.  Had no trouble in the past, but with Indesign CS6.5 it doesn't like having the prefs already set and in the User Template.


      The settings seem to be held in ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 8.0/en_US/InDesign Defaults


      If I put that file into the User Template at /System/Library/English.lproj/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 8.0/en_US/InDesign Defaults  Indesign becomes unstable and crashes on startup when you select new document from the welcome screen.  Its seeing the inches as default, but InDesign is unstable.  Once it crashes a couple of times then it seems to be ok.


      Is there anyway I can set default preferences?  I am guessing something is hardcoded in the InDesign Defaults file for the user that created it and when another user opens InDesign with that pref file it freaks out.  If the file was a normal plist file I could probably edit out the problem, but the InDesign Defaults file is a propritary format.


      Any Ideas??


      Thank you...