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    Pagefile size on system w/256gb ssd and 32GB RAM?

    Neal Reiland

      I have just put together a new system build (Win7x64, lga 2011 i7 3930 six core, 32gb ram, Samsung 830 256GB ssd, gtx660ti).


      What I am wondering is how big I should set my pagefile size. I know its generally best just to let windows manage it (which makes it usually about = to RAM), but I am a little cramped for space and I thought with so much RAM that maybe I could get away with a little smaller pagefile.sys. I am currently at about 33.5GB and would like to slim it down to 16GB. What do you think about this strategy? What about a fixxed pagefile size in general, bad idea?


      I don't think I am really using much with all that RAM, do you think I'd suffer much of a hit if I moved it to a standard HD?