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    CS 6 Crop and expand canvas help


      I just upgraded from CS 4 to CS 6 and use an IMac.  I need to send a digital image to my lab to make a print 28 x 20.  However, the lab makes a 30 x 20 so I must expand the canvas and have the lab trim the extra expanded canvas to end up with a 28 x 20 print.   I can't seem to get to do what I used to be able to do so simply in CS4.  It appears that I have to chose a ratio so I pick 5 x 7 (7x5) to crop for a 28 x 20.  Then I have tried to expand the canvas, but when I open up "expand canvas" the box shows the size to be is about 14 x 10 and I don't know how to get to the end result as I have tried changing the size to 30 x 20 and then moving the 28 x 20 to the blank. The 28 x 20 is just too small when placed on the 30 x 20 expanded canvas.  Lab received what I sent and it was not right so what do I do?  Totally confused.  Have also tried just making the expanded canvas on the 28 x 20 and this is not working correctly either.  Help!!!