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    AVCHD vs .MOV editing


      I have had a tough time editing AVCHD video files since Adobe Premiere CS5.I have now CS6.  I have to render the timeline continuosly, the playback is not fluid. It is just not easy at all but I  put up with it for years because I own a Sony NX5U which only records in AVCHD format. A couple months ago I purchased a Canon 60D dslr camera with the intention to use it for pictures. But then I found out that not only it takes gorgeous video but also that it is handled wonderfully by both my desktop computer and even  my laptop. I created a project with 8 video tracks ( with audio) recorded at 1080P. I loaded each and every one of them with color correction, crop effect and transitions and the bar in the timeline stayed yellow. It never turned red. The playback was smooth enough considering the heavy load. Can anyone tell me why my computers cannot handle not even 2 AVCHD video tracks with just a crop effect on them  while they can handle several .heavy loaded .mov video tracks so well? What can I do to solve the problem?  I would appreciate some help. I have a 3.2 htz  i7 desktop with 24 gig of ram, two 1TB raid 0 hd and a Nvidia  GTX 285 graphic card. My laptop is just a Qosmio X7750 3D. Thank you, Umberto.