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    Transferring files between AICS6 and AICS5

    Bayne86 Level 1

      I'm currently studying Graphic Design and we're using Illustrator CS6 in class. I have CS5 at home. I've opened a few simple image files in CS5 after having worked on them in CS6 in class, and they seemed to hold up fine after the transfer between the two. However today we did work on layers, and now that I've brought it home and opened it in CS5, there's only one layer.


      Is the swapping between the two versions going to cause me many problems like this, or is there simple corrections/way to avoid these issues? I'd rather not fork out for the CS6 version (I'm a struggling college student!) or illegally download it as I've caused computer problems in the past trying to do as such.


      Suggestions, help, advice?