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    edit_field - is it possible to force text to not wrap?

    areohbee Level 6

      Doc excerpts:


      from View attributes LrView text properties:


      width_in_chars : (Read-Only) Calculates the minimum width using this as the number of m characters that should fit. Considered together with width_in_digits. If height_in_lines is set to -1, and width or width_in_digits or width_in_chars is specified, text wraps. (number, default: 15)


      and from View attributes LrView edit view properties


      wraps : (Read-Only)
      True to wrap text. Mac only. (Boolean, default: true)

      (note: read-only means you can't change it after it gets set (not bindable), but plugin does set it's value)


      Question is: is it possible to *not* wrap text in an edit_field, in Windows? (so far all attempts have resulted in wrapped text). I mean, ultimately it would need to not wrap in Mac too, but one step at a time...