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    Crashing Permiere Pro


      Premiere Pro keeps crashing, more to the point not even starting up having encountered a 'Serious Error'. I need help from you as their technicians after 3 days on the phone can not resolve the issue!! Please help

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          More information needed for someone to help... please click these links and provide the requested information

          -Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840


          I don't know if anyone WILL be able to help, but the lack of information in your post means a lot of guesses

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            ColbyFulton Level 1

            I decided to try Premiere CS6 for a project instead of FCP7 and now I can't reopen my project. It crashes with a "serious error" every time. Its a very simple project too! Just a few renders out of after effects in Apple ProRes. I guess I'm never using Premiere again. Luckily I could recreate everthing in FCP quickly. I gave you a chance... I'm using a Mid 2012 Retina MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM and the 500 GB SSD. I guess trying Premiere was a serious error. See what I did there? Anyway...


            ...you blew it.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              ColbyFulton wrote:


              I'm using a Mid 2012 Retina MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM and the 500 GB SSD. I guess trying Premiere was a serious error. See what I did there? Anyway...


              ...you blew it.


              Sorry you had a bad experience. Wish we knew more so we could've helped you out.

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                ColbyFulton Level 1

                I'll report the error now, that might help.

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                  ColbyFulton Level 1

                  Clicking the ok button on the error message doesn't do anything. So the crash crashed?



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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    What's your OS X version? Your CUDA driver version? Do you have third party hardware attached? Are you updated to the latest version of Premiere Pro (Help > Updates)?


                    Some users had trouble with crashing and unknown errors and fixed them based on updates, etc.

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                      ColbyFulton Level 1

                      First if all, let me thank you for your attention in this matter. Despite the frustration professionals like myself feel for having their valuable billable hours wasted by technical glitches like this, having caring employees like yourself trying to help is really appreciated.


                      I'm using mountain lion 10.8.2. I have one of the thinnest and most expensive laptops available. I just tried updating my GeForce drivers, I could try again if this is a common problem. I'm not using any filters in my project. I had some recent issues with afx involving the Video copilot lens flares, and I upgraded the plugins and that fixed it. In this case, there's not much to debug... not much of a process of elimination. All I did was: 1) import prores files on a timeline 2) changed the audio track 3) exported them as new prores files. All source files are fine and all audio tracks are fine. All of them worked in FCP7... Which I had to fall back on by necessity. So logically there's only one culprit.


                      Good luck fixing it.

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                        MigrationMedia Level 1

                        I have Premiere Pro CS6.0 fully updated as i have a cloud membership. Im running it on a Dell xsp 8500 with a AMD HD Radeon 7700series graphics card, Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz a 12GB ram and a 64-bit operating system.


                        Now to be more precise about what happens is that each time i try to open up the Premiere Pro (or Adobe Media Encoder) and i select the project i want to work on or even select a new project the following error message comes up "Sorry, a serious error has occured that requires Adobe Premiere Por to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project." and then windows trys to check for a solution but there is none.


                        It may open randomly sometimes when i attempt to open the program but there is no constant that i can tell which affects the success of opening.


                        and thats as far as i can get with the program. i have tried several times to call tech support to no avail. my current case id is 184062412 and the last suggestion was to wipe my operationg system and reinstall everything! Another says i have a virus that is stopping the system from opening and so far i have totalled over 15 hours on the phone trying to get a resolution. *very frustrated right now* as i am depending on this for my work!!


                        It has been the same since i first started using the program on the cloud membership.

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                          ColbyFulton Level 1

                          Macs don't have much virus problems, so I think the problem is the software. There's just not that many pros using adobe premiere, and as a result the software is not put through its paces very often. It's like an out of work actor. Adobe has to understand in order to be a professional tool it has to be dependable and battle ready. We don't have time to waste on inexplicable technical glitches. FCP may not be perfect (the upper field thing always pisses me off) but at least it works fast and loads my current projects without crashing. The fact apple created a new codec which works great didn't hurt either. Also, I don't know why adobe created this cloud thing. It's not something we want, and it apparently doesn't work well.

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                            I got exactly same problem with same laptop. Please fix the problem asap. It's really serious and many Mac users would have same complain. What only Mac users got are multiple of 'Copy of copy of copy of ... _projectname.prproj' and that irretates a lot.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              With zero info, it is unlikely that anyone can be of help to you.


                              Please see Reply #1 by John T. Smith, and provide the requested details.


                              Good luck,



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                                ColbyFulton Level 1

                                I tried reporting the error, but that crashed. See my response #5. I understand that having a software monopoly makes it easy to make crummy software, but video editing is one arena where professionals have a choice. Keep improving premiere and make it more reliable, and if final cut starts to let me down maybe I'll try it again. I used to use premiere in high school so I'm willing to give it a chance. What I'd really like is if after effects supported the retina display. Of course, no one at adobe needs to work on that until apple motion gets better, so you have time.


                                Good luck.

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                                  1johnricca Level 1

                                  Hi Bill Hunt and Adobe,


                                  I'd like to point out that just about everyone with a Mid 2012 Retina Macbook Pro with a 650M is now suddenly having these serious errors because the 650M is natively OpenCL supported and enables OpenCL by default.


                                  OpenCL is causing issues with these cards apparently with some bad combination occuring between the latest couple builds of Mac OS 10.8 and latest couple builds of Creative Cloud apps.


                                  It won't reproduce for you every single time, but once there's some mixtures of h.264 clips, still photos and whatever else in the project, this usually starts to happen.


                                  Adobe may want to consider a PP update that removes OpenCL support for this card until this matter is resolved. Until then, you are losing customers. A LOT of dudes bought this model of MBP when it came out, specifically for video editing. The pros know how to re-enable OpenCL when we need it without your native support anyway. 


                                  I really hope this is fixed soon. I have co-workers that are switching to FCP X now due to this and that makes my life harder now too.


                                  If I can be of any more help with this, please let me know. I'll be your tech support on this to assist you in getting this resolved, Adobe.