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    Major Problem with PPRO 6

    The great dog Chippie

      I have an intel Core TM2 Quad CPU Q9400@2.66 Ghz 2.67 Ghz

      Intalled Memory 8GB

      64 Bit  Windows 7 operating System


      Problems keep on coming up over and over again. I thought I solved my major problem of premier not playing the sound of  2 critical MTS files.  The rest of the files also are MTS but they all play sound except these two.  These files will play on other computers that do not have PPRO6. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and It seemed to fix the problem and the files had sound but when I tried the files again and they did not play. I had someone convert them to wav files and the wav files will not work on the computer with PPRO6. There are other editing issues also, but I want to solve this because it is critical. Any suggestions? Thanks