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    Sepia effect

    boterbloempjes Level 1

      I accidently removed the sepia effect in the right column. How can I get it back? Or are there any alternatives to create a sepia effect?

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          hyadav Adobe Employee



          Could you please confirm are you using mac or windows.Also, confirm the version number of photoshop elements.

          If you are using PSE 11 then naviagte to the following locations:


          On MAC:HD>LIbrary>Application Support>Adobe>Photoshop Elements>11.0>Photo Creations>photo effects


          Check check is there a file named 'Tint Sepia.metadata.XML' (without quotes)  and 'Tint Sepia.atn' (without quotes)


          On Windows 7 : C:\Program Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\11.0\Photo Creations\photo effects.


          check is there a file named 'Tint Sepia.metadata.XML' (without quotes) 


          If they are not present then its difficult to get them back on the elements.


          You can follow the following steps to get the sepia effect:


          Step 1 – Remove all colours

          With your image open in Elements. remove the existing colour by going to Enhance>Adjust Color>Remove Color. This turns any colour image to a monochrome version of itself.

          Step 2 – Open Color Variations

          The next step to take is to go back into the Enhance menu, down to Adjust Color and across to Color Variations. Before adjusting any colours, reduce the Color Intensity slider (bottom left of the Color Variations menu) down one notch.

          Step 3 – Increase Red

          With the Color Intensity slider reduced by a notch, click once on the Increase Red option. See how the Before and After previews look slightly different now.

          Step 4 – Decrease Blue

          Click once on the Decrease Blue box in the menu to reduce the strength of blue. You should see a sepia-like tone take shape on your image in the After preview.

          Step 5 – Adjust brightness

          This final step really depends on how bright your image is to begin with. But you can lighten or darken the sepia effect by using the two options to the right of the colou boxes. For a more faded effect, click once or twice on the Lighten box, and then OK to complete the conversion.


          Harshit yadav

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            boterbloempjes Level 1

            I'm using Windows and PSE8.

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              MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              For alternative ways to convert to sepia:

              1 - go to filters, photo filters and choose sepia

              2 - add a solid color adjustment layer with a brown hue and in color mode

              3 - use a gradient map adjustment (advanced, but best customization in the conversion). Start with a standard black to white, then modify the colour of the tabs at each side of the gradient to add some brown colour.

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                Mark Sand Level 4

                another way:

                1. If image is greyscale, convert to RGB:  Image > Mode > RGB Color

                2. Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer

                3. Check the Colorize box.

                4. Set Hue to 30,  Saturation to 25,  Lightness to 0.

                5. To refine the result, leave Hue at 30 but adjust the other sliders.

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                  boterbloempjes Level 1

                  The file Tint Sepia.metadata.XML is still here. How can I use it?