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    Moving from PSE6/windows vista to PSE11 windows 8: problem converting catalog


      Hi. I have backed up my PSE6 to external hard drive (I optimised/repaired before backing up) then installed PSE11 on new windows 8 pc - no problems. Followed all advice I've seen/read to convert saved PSE6 catalog but doesn't seem to find it (I've tried custom location / browse  and gone to the folder where backup is saved but it just says 'no files matched your search').


      I then tried installing PSE6 on new computer and restored catalog to it, then looked for the catalog again in PSE11. It seemed to now find it and convert, but some files where missing and lots of keywords/tags also gone.


      I tried uninstalling the lot (including deleting the files from the folders they were saved in in new computer) and after looking on the forum, tried backing up old PSE6 on old pc again, but this time first saved metadata to the files, then backed up (took HOURS!) Reinstalled PSE11 on new computer and tried again - back to the first problem  - not 'seeing' the backup, even though I know it's there (there's a .tly file etc).


      I really don't want both versions of PSE on the new PC and I REALLY don't want to have to start from scratch tagging all 5000 files! I hope someone can help and tell me what I'm missing. I definitely not a seasoned PSE user, mostly due to lack of time and started with PSE6 knowing nothing at all. Am hoping to have lots more time to use PSE as I'll be working from home more, but I've just spent the most part of 2 days trying to figure this out...