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    Website folder structure


      I guess I should preface this by saying and all of this is just trying to find "work arounds" because currently EDGE doesn't have any way I can find in the UI for the user to access/modify the folder structure of projects. I guess if you only have a couple of animations on your site then this is not a big issue but what if you have 50 ? I really don't want 150 .js files adding to the clutter of my main site directory, not to mention all the other stuff and posiable conflicting names of image files all thrown in the same "images" folder etc, etc, so there is obviously a real need for the user to be able to control where all this stuff is going in order to keep track of it


      So... I found out the other day how I could manually modify the myProject_edge.js file to move the "images" folder (although it gets to be a pain if you want multi subfolders) so other than editing the location of the "myProject_edgePreload.js" in the html file where do I find/edit the paths for all the other stuff ?


      I assume that the "edge_includes" are a constant and don't change so I would like to put them with all my other .js files. ?


      I would like to group the project .js files into individual "animations" subfolders,  like...

      website/animations/ani1....ani2....ani3 etc


      Then in dealing with all the images. Some of the projects use common elements so I would like a common images folder so I don't have 50+ copies of the same image taking up space. Like


      but then I want to keep images unique to a project in a subfolder with the project .js files, like



      I noticed the other day when i edited the myProject_edge.js image path location to create a subfolder for some SEQ images that if I added images to the folder that edge didn't see them but if i added them to the main images folder that edge did see them, so the only way i found to add images to one of the subfolders was to add the to the main folder, save the project, then edit the myProject_edge.js file again to change their paths to the subfolder, then i was able to use them in the project.  It would be really nice to be able to create subfolders and drag drop images to folders in the "Library" panel.


      how do some of you deal with all the stuff that's tied to a single animation ??


      This would be a different approach to compact everything but could I save each of say 50 animations as a symbol, then create a single edge project and import all my symbols into a single edge project. Then could I using JS within the <body>   call/play a single symbol in a div  in a html page ??


      Joel H

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Joel, all other js files are loaded at the bottom of this file: yourFileName_edgePreload.js





          aLoader = [

              { load: "edge_includes/jquery-1.7.1.min.js"},

              { load: "edge_includes/jquery.easing.1.3.js"},

              { load: "edge_includes/edge.1.0.0.min.js"},

              {test: !hasJSON, yep:"edge_includes/json2_min.js"},

              { load: "test_edge.js"},

              { load: "test_edgeActions.js"}];