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    Presenter, Flash plugins and pain...


      I will try to make this short...


      I have the following:


      Windows 7

      Office 2010

      Presenter 8 (8.0.1 build 260)

      Acrobat Reader XI



      I have published countless pdf's from Presenter without a hitch until recently.

      When opening the pdf I am greeted with a flash error warning, so I check my pc for flash and everything is installed and working correctly.

      What can it be I here you ask?


      I decide to re-install Flash, so I un-install the version I have and using IE9 I go to Adobe.com and install the latest version (11.6.602.168).


      This is the Active X version I here you all cry in unison!


      Yes it is!


      It is the version installed when you are using Windows 7 with IE9.




      This version does not open my pdf's created with Presenter.


      I have to download the Flash plugin for other browsers!




      When did this happen?


      I am certain that when I last created pdf's from Presenter the standard flash plugin was able to open my files...


      I have hundreds of students who may all have to download an alternative plugin because the IE9 active x plugin does not open the pdf.


      This means downloading an alternative browser and installing flash from within or me sending a link out with the pdf's.


      This cannot be right... surely.


      please tell me I am doing something wrong and there is a simple solution or point me in the right direction...